Reinforcement Learning with Unity [ML Agents 1.0]

Unity ML Agents 1.0

Have you ever wondered what Reinforcement Learning is all about? I have just produced a tutorial video to show you how to get started with Unity and Tensorflow. You might not be a game developer, and your day to day usecase might be different, but I think it is great to get started with this very visual and playful way of learning what Reinforcement Learning is.

There are fantastic papers and research projects on Reinforcement Learning, if you are interested, you should definitively check them out:

AlphaStar by DeepMind
Capture the Flag: the emergence of complex cooperative agents
Emergent Tool Use from Multi-Agent Interaction

Sci Fi Demo Project [Unity & WebGL]

Sci Fi Demo Project >>> PLAY NOW <<<


This is the Sci Fi Demo Project by Jonathan Weinberger on Udemy.
Use the “E” button to pick up the coin from the vending machine and buy a weapon from the Shark also with “E” once you picked up the coin.
There is a destructible crate on the opposite side, in front of the fruit vendor.

In case you want to test play the game, here you go!

This is the project for you to download: Sci Fi Project

Galaxy Shooter [Unity & WebGL]

My first from idea to deployment Unity game project! >>> PLAY NOW <<<


Hi guys, I have been playing around and following some tutorials with Unity which truly is great fun and a fantastic way of learning to code in a playful way. Of course the game I have been developing following the Udemy tutorial by Jonathan Weinberger is very simple, but it was critical to see how the whole process could look like, from the idea of the game, asset management, programming the game, post-processing and building the game with WebGL and finally hosting it on GitHub (which I added, because I wanted to share the game with friends). So now I know how to go through this steps and am ready to look into adding complexity along the way.

In case you want to test play the game, here you go! I know its not perfect, and there is room for improvement, but the excitement holds up for at least 30 seconds (yay!).

This is the project for you to download: Galaxy Shooter