My Personal Hardware Setup

I was thinking to show what hardware, gadgets and tools I use to do my daily coding.
What’s your favourite indispensable piece of hardware?

As the the hackathon season 2017 comes to an end for me I collected quiet a bunch of stickers from all over the place. It was time to give some of them a home:

Laptop: Lenovo Thinkpad T420 Notebook PC
Just recently I bought this Lenovo Thinkpad t420, and I really must say: I will never buy a laptop for more then 300 pound, this machine is absolutely worth it. It is refurbished yes, but it is in great shape, no signs of use, battery life is fantastic and the computing power so far is absolutely enough, even for unity. In any case, a very smart Professor from the MIT told me once that a good algorithm running on bad hardware will always win against a bad algorithm running on good hardware, so there we go: challenge accepted!

Mouse: CORSAIR SABRE – RGB Gaming Mouse
My Corsair mouse is actually following me around since I started my Master degree at the AA and I absolutely love it, for especially shape feels great and the mouse speed button right on the tip of the index finger is very handy.

Mousepad: CORSAIR MM100
The mouspad from Corsair is actually a birthday present from my brother, thanks! I really like it because it is slightly larger then regular mousepads, great feel on the wrist, no more friction.

Headphones: Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II)
I almost cannot live without this anymore, my BOSE headphones, I use it every day at least 8 hours, constantly listening to music or just enjoying pure silence, which I started to value in a different way with this fellow. What would I do without it?

External harddrive: Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB
Since my Notebook doesn’t have a massive amount of storage this requisite is needed, not only to safe daily work, but I try to be as organized as possible and regularly archive work and backups.

IoT gadgets: Eleego UNO R3(fake Arduino, so sorry) + Firefly Shield
And of course something to play with, I know one should not support fake hardware, for especially in the open source sector, but I really think the real Arduino board is way too overpriced, and this does the job and my wallet is happy: the Eleego UNO R3 is completely Arduino IDE compatible and works exactly the same way. They also have great bundles with a bunch of other useful stuff to build your IoT project, check it out! The Firefly Shield is already a bit longer in my possession, I got it in New York City at an Interactive Prototyping workshop in 2014, run by Andrew Payne and Modelab.

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