try to copy an abstract class [fltk]

Bjarne Stroustrup “Programming Principles and Practice Using C++”
Chapter 14 Exercise 2
Using GUI library called FLTK (Fast Light Tool Kit, “full tick”).

//  Philipp Siedler
//  Bjarne Stroustrup's PP
//  Chapter 14 Exercise 2

#include "Simple_window.h"
#include "Graph.h"
#include <cmath>
using namespace Graph_lib;

int main()
	Point tl(100, 100);
	Simple_window win(tl, 720, 400, "Simple Window");
	Point center(win.x_max() / 2, win.y_max() / 2);

	Circle c1(center, 50);
	//Circle c2 = c1; //cannot be referenced it is a deleted function

catch (exception& e) {
	cout << e.what() << endl;
	return 1;
catch (...) {
	cout << "Exiting" << endl;
	return 2;

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