Bjarne Stroustrup – Programming Principles and Practice using C++ [WIP]

Get the book Programming Principles and Practice using C++ by the inventor of C++ Bjarne Stroustrup here and join me on my journey.

Chapter 02 – Hello, World!
Chapter 03 – Objects, Types and Values
Chapter 04 – Computation
Chapter 05 – Errors
Chapter 06 – Writing a Program
Chapter 07 – Completing a Program
Chapter 08 – Technicalities: Functions, etc.
Chapter 09 – Technicalities: Classes, etc.
Chapter 10 – Input and Output Streams
Chapter 11 – Customizing Input and Output
Chapter 12 – A Display Model [using FLTK]
Chapter 13 – Graphics Classes [using FLTK]
Chapter 14 – Graphics Class Design [using FLTK]
Chapter 15 – Graphing Functions and Data [using FLTK]
Chapter 16 – Graphical User Interface [using FLTK]

How to compile FLTK – [following the instruction of] This approach apparently prevents cross-contamination. Instead of copying files and folders from fltk-1.3.4 to the Visual Studio Community 2017 folder structure, the include and library paths are propperly (I hope so!) added to the project.
How to compile FLTK – [following the instruction of Principles and Practice using C++]

Title Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

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