simple const function example

Bjarne Stroustrup “Programming Principles and Practice Using C++”
Chapter 8 Exercise 14
Using std_lib_facilities.h by Bjarne Stroustrup.

main.cpp main file

//	Philipp Siedler
//	Bjarne Stroustrup's PP
//	Chapter 8 Exercise 14

#include "std_lib_facilities.h"

class test {
	string label;
	test(string _l) :label(_l) {};
	void print(const int); //can be used if the value is just localy used in the print function

void test::print(const int n) {
	cout << label << n << "\n";

int main()
	const int n = 2;
	test myTest("o ");


catch (runtime_error e) {
	cout << e.what() << "\n";
catch (...) {
	cout << "Exiting\n";
o 2
Please enter a character to exit

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